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Poems are truly the Language of Heart ,which originate from the bottom of the heart from the very emotions which we harbor in our hearts. Poems on Love ,Life or nature all come from the very connection with existence, with the flowing of breath and the world around us.

My connection to world of poetry dates back to my school time when I first discovered my passion for poetry but it was the lack of opportunities to show my poetry and the lack of community or teachers who would appreciate this, I feel my words have wondered in search for curious ears. With this motto in mind I started this page for creating a community of avid poets to share their words without any constraints.

It is all up to anyone if they want to share their real name or not, for anyone not willing to share it is okay to do anonymous poetry sharing (just write down the pen name in the name column).

For anyone looking for good poetry there will be many Love poems , Patriotic Poems, Poems on Nature , Poems on Crush and many more to come, it all depends on the community in which I will share my required part.

So ,it is my sincere request to all please make this a great platform and more than this a great thriving community to all us !

Cheers !

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