Udaipur Resort Reviews : Fatehgarh Resort

fatehgarh resort in Udaipur, rajasthan

Hello Reader, in this review I will try to focus on as many issues as possible from all topics like :

  • Easy to approach
  • Accommodation
  • Dining
  • Pool Experience
  • Staff Experience
  • Surroundings or scenery

Also in the end I will attach some photos which I clicked on my stay there.


The approach is easy, unlike some resorts where we have to go in remote villages wandering where the resort is. You will surely get there easy as majorly the way is accessible through the main road.

The way is slightly uphill and your vehicle will have to do some steep running , so plan the vehicle accordingly (not a problem for you unless you have a manual car and you don’t struggle with manual in a uphill scenario as I sometimes do!)


The accommodation is quite good ,there are a wide range of suites availaible.

The room was so spacious and comfortable. The view from the balcony was breathtaking, with the beautiful mountain ranges there with the topping of lush green trees made me feel in the lap of mother nature. But to be honest here the nature part is thanks to the place Udaipur is not purely the Resort ,but the Resort is built such that it loses no chance to delight us with scenic beauty all around us.

The staff were friendly and always willing to help, ensuring that I had everything I needed during my stay. The resort had so much to offer, from delicious dining options to fun activities that kept me entertained.

So in a nutshell the accommodation experience was quite good for me.

Pool Experience

The pool experience was also quite good. When I went, the weather was also supportive & the pool was clean, regularly replenished with cool water, and not very deep.

All in all, the water was clear, and the surroundings were clean which we desired. The staff were good, active in supplying us with towels as we needed. Also, there was an option available to order food there (although it was somewhat costlier to order food at the pool).

There were ample lounge spaces near the pool. Umbrella shades and long couches were there too.

Dining Experience

Now, I must say the dining experience is not what you can expect from a 5 star property like this. In my personal case I do find the service slow at times and also the quality of the food was also not at par from a property like this at this pricepoint should deliver.

My recommendation to the management will be to improve their dining services as people with family who have hungry children with them, if they have to wait long for food then this really ruins their mood.

Staff Experience

The staff were good, all were cooperative. Except for the dining staff when we were asking for timely food service then for some members of the staff I can surely say they lacked proficiency in basic etiquette.

But overall they were good if we ignore some mishaps here and there.

Surrounding and scenery

This is the main USP of this property. The surrounding are amazing, the breathtaking view of the aravali mountain ranges make you fall in love in them.

Sajjangarh Fort, Fateh Sagar Lake also Lake Pichola are visible from there. There are numerous excellent sights to see and what a breeze there it is. I totally loved it.

Surely you can spend your time there resting by the pool, enjoying the cool breeze with glass of beer in hand and you will love it.

Also do enjoy the Vintage car collection, or do zip line maybe try hand on archery as well.


In conclusion, this resort offers superb vistas, stunning marble-clad rooms that afford breathtaking views of Udaipur, and meticulous overall planning. The facility boasts originality, well-maintained grounds, and multiple inviting pools, all contributing to a near-perfect 10/10 experience. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that the dining experience, particularly the buffet options, falls short of expectations. Furthermore, the staff could benefit from improving their basic etiquette skills. This resort is best suited for those seeking a tranquil retreat to fully immerse themselves in the surroundings, rather than using it as a base for exploring Udaipur. While occasional missteps and dining disappointments may occur, they can be outweighed by the resort’s undeniable charm and thoughtful amenities.


For additional Info and the current booking prices at the time of your reading this article you can refer to their official website Fathegarh Official.


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