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First of all please note that for those who have not yet watched the series this may contain potential spoilers. This is my personal experience of the series which can be seen as a personal review of Bleach Anime and not some sort of recommendation to others.

Well to be frank I am relatively very new to the series than many of you who will be reading my journal but even though I must add that no matter I have been acquainted to the series for a couple of months only but I feel, don’t know why feel very nostalgic towards it. Be it the classic early 2000s vibe in the early episodes which is the unforgettable part of my childhood or the chemistry of Ichigo and Rukia (the main characters in the show whom can be seen in the featured image) which I deeply admired hold me during the initial phase of the series and as the series progressed to the brand new Thousand Year Blood War my excitement to what’s coming has gone to a brand new level.

The First section of the review is NO-SPOILER for those who are yet to be acquinted by this masterpiece. This will contain both pros and cons which will help you to understand in as little words as possible.



If you are a fan of supernatural shows and want to explore a deeply engaging series, then my dear friend Bleach is for you. After some starting 15 episodes the series picks up momentum but as some people complain the first few episodes as boring I feel them necessary as they give us the background of the bond of our main characters and in fact, I do miss the simple wholesome moments of these episodes later on in the series.

As I have watched the entirety of the series I strongly advise you to skip the fillers in the first go when you are watching the series as the first filler series the Bount Arc is genuinely boring. Also many times you feel the pacing a bit slow, just bear it or skip it when you watch the series for the first time.

Fights are the best I will give them five stars even the fights in the filler arcs are good.

The plot twists and story is also amazing. It is very well written and will give you very few moments to complain and we can also say it was all according to someone’s plan and that someone will be shown in the anime, you will be amazed to see him!

Fanservice: In terms of fanservice the sexualisation of certain characters is not a welcome thing for me. But this is a thing in many major anime, unfortunately.

The Hype Moments: Man the hype is real and some scenes of this great are forever etched in my heart. Till today very few anime have impacted me so much.

The OST: Bleach Anime has some of the best soundtracks which are still unparalleled and I will give a whole list of evergreen ost of Bleach that are a part of my daily playlist.

The list can be endless, but I will cut the long story short. Just skip the unnecessary part like the fillers especially the bount arc as the other fillers are not actually bad to be true. And you are good to go. It is not very long and you can completely watch it within a month or so if you have some free time. And the series will reach its peak point in the ongoing Thousand Year Blood War Arc and it is a masterpiece.



Soul Society Arc

If I am correct this arc started around episode 15 to 20. Before this the story was good all the basic set up and all but from this arc the main bleach started. This was where I was hooked such that it became evident I was going to long time remember it and cherish it inside my heart. The moments like when Rukia left everything and expressed her exceptional feeling of care of Ichigo while being captured by Renji and Byakuya stole my heart and it is no secret that she is best bleach waifu for me (yeah no offense to Orihime).


Plot Holes in Bleach (If Wrong please Correct in Comments)

There are some plot holes which I do feel exist are as when a kid who died and was shown in a earlier episode in a parakeet was telling that souls who died and are sent to soul society do not age. But we can see many examples of such souls do aging. 
To be frank the whole concept of souls giving birth in soul society also seems a bit illogical.


Power Scaling

The way in which the power scaling is introduced in Bleach is very good. The power difference at various levels is made very clear right from the start. Keeping the power scaling in mind we can say that our man Ichigo undergo major changes in power levels during this arc which quite fast.

The whole power development of Ichigo in the soul society may seem a little too rushed for some people but for me after knowing the backstory of Ichigo it all seems very convincing for me to see him this powerful (no denying the typical shonen story demands).

Putting these things aside the whole set up of powers levels was amazing. The hierarchy of power levels between officers of lieutenent and captain level was quite fascinating for me. Where ordinary soul reapers had very little role Captains like Byakuya, Kenpachi were a army of their own.


Ikaku Madarame

I am giving him a special mention as that time I saw him ,firstly I didn’t knew he would end up such a enjoyable character. The side characters like him give Bleach a very wide range of characters to carry the story forward and saves the story from being very monotonous. 

He is GOAT. Yeah the one only member truly worthy of being in a squad Zaraki. Truly as loose headed as his Captain.


All the fights in this arc were good but my man Ichigo Ignited the show when he saved Rukia and the fights with Byakuya and Zaraki were Epic. I will not speak not much about you will only be able to feel them once you see them , I can only say they are the best of Bleach , the fights in Bleach are the Best of all Anime.


And also Yoruichi san I didn’t saw you coming!

I think sometimes if Ichigo got that True Bankai of himself in that moment how would the things be. Quit Boring huh. Nonetheless the whole hollowfication of Ichigo was quite some scene too in itself.

I am attaching one of my favorite moments from the soul society arc below 


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