Was it so easy ?

Was it so easy ?

Sent to us by Sunita Ghorai  (Instagram – _sunitaghorai_ )

Was it so easy to let me go ?

Or was it just a phase where you weren’t able

To figure out that what was my existence in your life!


For you it was just a moment ,

But for me it was a experience !


A lifetime of experience that I won’t forget ,

That I’ll not let anyone like you come in my life ,

Or just not waste time for someone like you !



ii)   Why it has to be always her ?

Why it’s always about her ?

Why isn’t she allowed to have her own life ?

Why is she restricted to certain limits ?


Why she can’t scream ?

Why she can’t be pissed ?

Why she can’t swear ?


Is it the society or the people of the society

That does not want her to be in the picture !


At the end , she’s a human , a person and can do whatever

Makes her happy and makes her feel complete.


So , before you tell her what to do and what not to ,

She already knows how to proceed !


iii) Let’s keep this simple !

Let’s keep this real !


People change and so does the feelings !

Trust fades and so does memories !

But what stays is this one Life ,

Let’s not make this life – a life full of regrets or guilts ,

But rather make this life – a life full of precious moments

And beautiful journeys !


Because at the end you have this one life and you deserve

To be happy and be legend of your own life !

-sent to us by Sunita Ghorai ( Instagram – _sunitaghorai_ )

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