This Dream

This Dream

i saw this dream
the first time i saw you
standing in the rain
like the storm clouds
just brought you in
and then you turned around
hit your gaze right into
my eyes like
a six shooter
you told me
i’d fall sick
for not carrying an umbrella
and that instant
i saw my life flash
before my eyes
i saw the house by the sea
and the train rides and the
ten dogs and the growing
old together and it was
and surreal
and almost touchable.
four years later
after the rain stopped
and we never survived
the aftermath of
our love affair
i wanted to tell you
that it took some time
for me to realize
but i eventually did.
my grandmother
always used to tell me
not to be deceived
by beautiful things
that look like
they can make you
feel alive
there’s only once
when your whole life
flashes before your eyes
and it’s when you’re

-and i think i did, when you left.

-sent to us by Megha Rao ( Tumblr – )

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  1. This dream.
    Good read. So true. And we get carried away with all the little things coming our way.
    And ya Good Job CEO to bring such beautiful works our way.

    Wont stop following this page.

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