She said…

She said

This city haunts me.
This is certainly not the place,
i grew up loving.
The sky that once lit up with rainbows, is now covered with grey , dust laden somber clouds.
The rain doesnt fascinate me anymore , the acid that accompanies the showers almost burns my skin
leaving behind ugly scars.
Scars that no one can fathom.
The rainbows , that the storms leave behind aren’t brightly colored anymore.
Just a pale tint of red.
The red ,that scares me
The red, that reminds me of blood
of war
of misery!
The night sky isn’t lit up with stars anymore.
An eerie darkness prevails.
It tries, to engulf my soul
every night
every hour
every second.
I stare vexedly at the jittering crowd, pushing at each other.
The people here aren’t humans anymore: just a set of emotionless machines , wearing fancy clothes trying to outnumber each other in every aspect.
Everybody is chained to a five inch screen , absorbing every inch of their souls.
Everybody is in a hurry , everybody moves so fast.
These aren’t the people i grew up romanticising about!
I stare at the blue walls of my room, the pale dull blue wall looks as if it hasn’t seen a splash of paint since the turn of the century,
what pops in your mind when you hear the word ~ blue?
certainly not the sky anymore.
Facebook! yes facebook ofcourse!
“when did facebook pictures become more important”?
more important than making memories?
When did the number of likes on your picture start deciding your worth?
This is not the world , i grew up loving!
I am sorry , i cant keep up with the latest trends.
I believe in the real world, a world beyond social media, a world where people truly love each other, instead of reacting love on each other’s pictures.
I am sorry , i cant do this anymore.
This just isn’t me.
I tried , i swear i did
but i failed, i failed miserably.
In a world obsessed with internet and selfies , can i impress you with art?
Can i paint the sky bright again?
Can i turn the world back to green , yellow blue , pink all over again?
Can i paint the rainbow again , not with blood but with love?
Can i?
Can i turn this place back to the one i grew up loving?
because this city
this city , it haunts me!

– sent to us by Alvira Ahmed (Instagram – alviraa_ahmed )

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