Am I pretty now with all the make up and curly hair? Am I pretty now that I’m tall with high heels and red lipstick?
What if I take it all off and show you what’s underneath the mask? What if my red lipstick turned into the blood that never washes away?
Would I be pretty then?
What if the faded scars were to appear on every inch of my body and I was covered in the blood and tears of my past?
Now tell me, would that make me beautiful?
Would the truth that never comes out make me beautiful or even more ‘ugly’
because I’m doing what no one else dares to do?
What if I just completely let it all go and scraped off my skin?
What if I let the shadows make their way out of my brain and onto my face?
What if the voice you never cared to hear started spilling words caught between the lies?
What if every tear drop and every scar I drew on my wrist came clear?
What if I brought out everything inside my soul and laid it right next to you?
Would the truth make me beautiful?
Would it destroy your belief of what the truth really is?


-sent to us by Jamie Freeman (Instagram – distantsoul__ )

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