words are , ofcourse , the most powerful drug used by mankind


Revelation it’s a long night’s end , and the stars are slowly dimming their lights as is the supermarket sign board which says ‘ open 24 hours ‘   But you’re awake , drunk on what thoughts your mind can […]

This Dream

This Dream i saw this dream the first time i saw you standing in the rain like the storm clouds just brought you in and then you turned around hit your gaze right into my eyes like a six shooter […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary Dear Diary , Long time no see . I miss how we shared everything that happened in my life and then eventually I cannot put those into words anymore.. I believed whatever may happen , I would always […]


Ikigai (Japanese word for – the reason for existing )   the sand in an hourglass is the same as in the desert. you turn it on it’s head and the desert becomes a lover with open arms and sad […]

She said…

She said This city haunts me. This is certainly not the place, i grew up loving. The sky that once lit up with rainbows, is now covered with grey , dust laden somber clouds. The rain doesnt fascinate me anymore […]

Was it so easy ?

Was it so easy ? Sent to us by Sunita Ghorai  (Instagram – _sunitaghorai_ ) Was it so easy to let me go ? Or was it just a phase where you weren’t able To figure out that what was […]

A Day on Venus

A Day on Venus – this is sent to us by Megha Rao (Tumblr – https://barela-by-megharao.tumblr.com/ ) a day on venus is longer than a year. i want to tell you, run away with me. let’s go build a house there […]

Would it be Murder ??

Would it be Murder?? ” My Hypnotised self had to come so far.. Under the trance of your love.. That the day the spell broke , I found myself perched at the edge of a cliff.. And You were not […]

Automated Man

Automated Man Where is it ?  It’s not on my arm or my tongue or my ear. It’s not on my chest nor my heart nor my hands. It’s not even on my eyes. So where is it ? Where […]