words are , ofcourse , the most powerful drug used by mankind

Your Own Choice

Your Own Choice Be a woman of your own choice , Embrace yourself , Don’t limit yourself.   Forget what they say , Forgive what they speak , But remember to Rise.   Show them what you can be , […]


Change A Change And nothing has changed I am the same. But today this world seems to be different. With a shine of love and blessings, Something is making me happy, Making me worry less and love more. Smelling the […]


Pretty Am I pretty now with all the make up and curly hair? Am I pretty now that I’m tall with high heels and red lipstick? What if I take it all off and show you what’s underneath the mask? […]

A Light In the Dark

A Light In the Dark Its never been easy Depression has always been a part of me Suicidal visions visited my thoughts since elementary Always been quiet because not many would listen to me This is why I always write […]

Colorful Mountains

Colorful Mountains We lost on these colorful mountains that we painted together played those paper swords under the taste of morning sun and the forest trees are building a castle that became our ethereal. I remembered when we always talk […]

Rose petals

Rose petals I cried rose petals and bled starlight you wanted to see destruction but I showed you beauty. ~ lovely strengthening   Another one , Essence of Perfection she painted the nectar from beautiful flowers onto her stained cheeks […]

A Void

A Void Your leaving left a void Dark and deep The likes of a black hole And no matter what I poured in To fill the vaccum All it did was draw it all within Into it’s inky nothingness..   […]


Maps Dear you, Slowly run your hands, Through my rustic lanes, I’ll walk you to your destiny. Glide through my lighted streets, And in silent corners you will find yourself. Follow my path and you might meet, Whomever you’ve been […]

Daughters of Mine

Daughters of Mine My girls With smiles full of happy And knots in golden hair   My girls With secret giggles , whispered dares And filthy , fidgety feet   My girls With giant hearts , little kisses And immeasureable […]


Drenched We survived those stormy rains. Buried under our little umbrella. You spot sunshine on the other side. And you spot her , desperate for shade. You run to provide her cover. With our little umbrella. And suddenly I find […]