Have you ever loved a rose ?

Have you ever loved a rose ?

You watched her bloom softly
With her petals unfolding gently
You kissed her
Held her
Combed her hair
You loved every bit of her
You stood with your two hands up in the air , on the mountain of love
You fell drunk on her perfume
Have you ever watched her sing ?
You were the pianist , the chords you played were magic to her voice
You were the guitarist , you could run the strings slowly as her voice matched every scale
You looked at her for a while , you felt you could crawl to grab every letter that sticks to her lyrics and make home out of it
Have you watched her cry ?
You wished you could clean her tears  and replace it with giggles
You wished to be called Joseph of Arimathea just for her to ease her pain
You wished you could tell her she doesn’t deserve pain but precious things live has to offer
If wishes were horses  you know!!!
You did your crying in the rain 
Have you dreamt about her?
Walking down the aisle with you?
Speaking about love  with no regrets?
Never being a thorn in your flesh?
Her voice , the favorite sound  you’d always listen to?
Have you ever loved a rose  ?
The days she’d look like a hurricane never settled with
You clinged to her
You swear never to let her go
And never fall against her thorns.

-sent to us by Maureen James ( Instagram – maurhinejamie )

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