A Light In the Dark

A Light In the Dark

Its never been easy
Depression has always been a part of me
Suicidal visions visited my thoughts since elementary
Always been quiet because not many would listen to me
This is why I always write about that uphill climb
I’m not saying my existence is terrible, I haven’t had the most difficult life
But smooth sailing is something that hasn’t even crossed my mind
There is something about suffering that add strength and beauty to life
In school we study the ones who suffer, persevere and always maintain their fight
This may sound crazy but right now I am lost, sad, angry, depressed, and forgotten
But not everyone who is lost, needs to be found
Not every soul who is forgotten, needs a rebound
Not every sad mind, is uncomfortable with grey clouds
Not all angry people, ignore a happy sound
Not everyone stuck with depression, rejects a blessing when it comes around
I can smile in the dark
I have smiled with a broken heart
I will smile even though my journey’s end is far
A negative situation hurts no matter your perception
But it never means your story has to have a sad end
Keep fighting, believe in whatever your light may be
As for me Ill keep writing
Oh yeah……and dancing

-sent to us by Anthony Long (Instagram – beatificvibes )

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