Month: January 2018

Thank You God

Thank You God You knew what I needed Set me up in advance Never should have doubted you Believed in the plan You never gave up Now it’s clear to see This life that i live Was destined for me.. […]

Moonlight Home

Moonlight Home Her body was a canvas he painted with his lips He was a notebook she wrote in with her eyes Together they were the moonlight and the rush of home A combination of lust and love and deep […]

Don’t be Afraid

Don’t be Afraid Don’t be Afraid … Wipe those tears.. The day will come.. Where it will all be clear.. I’m here step by step.. Never skipping a beat.. Loving every moment.. Until one day we meet.. For now .. […]

Your Own Choice

Your Own Choice Be a woman of your own choice , Embrace yourself , Don’t limit yourself.   Forget what they say , Forgive what they speak , But remember to Rise.   Show them what you can be , […]


Change A Change And nothing has changed I am the same. But today this world seems to be different. With a shine of love and blessings, Something is making me happy, Making me worry less and love more. Smelling the […]


Pretty Am I pretty now with all the make up and curly hair? Am I pretty now that I’m tall with high heels and red lipstick? What if I take it all off and show you what’s underneath the mask? […]

A Light In the Dark

A Light In the Dark Its never been easy Depression has always been a part of me Suicidal visions visited my thoughts since elementary Always been quiet because not many would listen to me This is why I always write […]

Colorful Mountains

Colorful Mountains We lost on these colorful mountains that we painted together played those paper swords under the taste of morning sun and the forest trees are building a castle that became our ethereal. I remembered when we always talk […]