Month: November 2017

Daughters of Mine

Daughters of Mine My girls With smiles full of happy And knots in golden hair   My girls With secret giggles , whispered dares And filthy , fidgety feet   My girls With giant hearts , little kisses And immeasureable […]


Drenched We survived those stormy rains. Buried under our little umbrella. You spot sunshine on the other side. And you spot her , desperate for shade. You run to provide her cover. With our little umbrella. And suddenly I find […]

New Start

New Start When I’ll go and leave this world , don’t ignore and leave my promises unheard , promises to those , who have certain flaws. Just donate my lungs , my liver , my kidneys , my heart , […]


Revelation it’s a long night’s end , and the stars are slowly dimming their lights as is the supermarket sign board which says ‘ open 24 hours ‘   But you’re awake , drunk on what thoughts your mind can […]

This Dream

This Dream i saw this dream the first time i saw you standing in the rain like the storm clouds just brought you in and then you turned around hit your gaze right into my eyes like a six shooter […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary Dear Diary , Long time no see . I miss how we shared everything that happened in my life and then eventually I cannot put those into words anymore.. I believed whatever may happen , I would always […]


Ikigai (Japanese word for – the reason for existing )   the sand in an hourglass is the same as in the desert. you turn it on it’s head and the desert becomes a lover with open arms and sad […]

She said…

She said This city haunts me. This is certainly not the place, i grew up loving. The sky that once lit up with rainbows, is now covered with grey , dust laden somber clouds. The rain doesnt fascinate me anymore […]

Was it so easy ?

Was it so easy ? Sent to us by Sunita Ghorai¬† (Instagram – _sunitaghorai_ ) Was it so easy to let me go ? Or was it just a phase where you weren’t able To figure out that what was […]