words are , ofcourse , the most powerful drug used by mankind

Belong to you

Belong to You   After a squabble , all it takes is a moment of comprehension for the dark clouds of our mind to open up , sprinkle , shower , and drench us in ” I belong to you […]

Piece of You

Piece of You To dream a life with you is a bliss A capricious wish it is Haunted by the memories Tormented by thy kiss Oh, i could only miss My one and only Miss Those days full of ease  […]

You and Me

You and Me Just you and me. It always has been. Despite the distance between us. Despite the years of torment we put each other through. No matter what you are my heart. You are the reason I get up […]

A Plague

 A Plague I’ve been trying to hide.. from the thoughts inside.. but eventually , There is nowhere left to go.. sleepless nights and lonely days A better tomorrow? I can only pray… convinced myself , my life was a burden.. […]


BARBARIAN MENTALITY IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY We talk of moving mountains, when we can’t even turn a rock. ‘We’, the youngest country! Where youth has a domination over population, can’t even fight for a cause- an intense cause. Even after […]


Maybe Maybe someday we will meet , Maybe someday you will think about me , Maybe someday I will know that you are there for me !   Maybe I will wait for you to come , Maybe you will […]

Here to Stay

Here to Stay Here to stay , You are my rock, my foundation… Got me through it all.. You saw me at my lowest, Still you stood tall.. You could have given up , When  I said, No, I’ll be […]

Thank You God

Thank You God You knew what I needed Set me up in advance Never should have doubted you Believed in the plan You never gave up Now it’s clear to see This life that i live Was destined for me.. […]

Moonlight Home

Moonlight Home Her body was a canvas he painted with his lips He was a notebook she wrote in with her eyes Together they were the moonlight and the rush of home A combination of lust and love and deep […]

Don’t be Afraid

Don’t be Afraid Don’t be Afraid … Wipe those tears.. The day will come.. Where it will all be clear.. I’m here step by step.. Never skipping a beat.. Loving every moment.. Until one day we meet.. For now .. […]